The police officer who led the investigation into the murder of Mark Noke has reacted after seven men were jailed in connection with the case today.

Keiran Claffey, Leighton Tabone and Justin Roach were convicted of murdering the 64-year-old dad at his flat in Thornhill on February 25, 2023.

They were sentenced to life in prison at Winchester Crown Court on Tuesday, to serve minimum terms of 29, 27 and 27 years respectively.

Daily Echo: DI Howard BroadribbDI Howard Broadribb (Image: NQ)

Tabone, 24, of no fixed above and Roach, 40, of Steep Close, were both found guilty of conspiracy to rob.

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Claffey, 29, of Keynsham Road had pleaded guilty to this charge before the trial began.

Also sentenced today were Bradley O'Dell, 22, of West Park Road and Aaron Morgan, 32, of Bursledon Road, jailed for 15 years for manslaughter.

Harley Wilson, 21, of International Way, and Daniel Bull, 31, of Valentine Avenue, were also jailed for seven and a half and eight years conspiracy to rob.

Daily Echo: Mark NokeMark Noke (Image: Hampshire Police)

Reacting to the sentencing, DI Howard Broadribb, who oversaw the Major Crime investigation, said: "This case resulted from the senseless killing of Mark Noke. He had done nothing to deserve the mindless and abhorrent violence he was met with on that night in February last year, and my thoughts are with his family.

"They have showed great courage throughout this process and our investigation team have worked tirelessly to piece together the movements of those involved, and seek to provide some justice for Mark's family.

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"The five men jailed today are all equally as liable as each other.

"Together the planned to commit robbery, and went mob-handed; expecting to use their power in numbers were they to be met with resistance.

"It was together they armed themselves with a knife and a gun, intending serious harm in order to get their way and steal the money and drugs they were seeking.

"And it was together they showed no remorse, instead making great efforts to evade being identified by deleting phone messages, discarding phones and selling the car they used within days.

"Together they thought they had done enough to evade capture, and avoid the accountability for the life they had taken.

"The pain and heartache to Mark's family is unimaginable, and together these men have destroyed the lives of those who loved Mark so dearly.

"Although no sentence will ever be able to return Mark to them, nor fill the void left by his death, I hope knowing each of the people involved is now in jail will provide them some closure."