A Redbridge Community School parent has slammed the “downright disgusting” food that has been served by the school’s catering company.

School catering company, Chartwells, has been publicly condemned by Redbridge Community School headteacher, Jason Ashley, in a letter sent to parents on Tuesday, March 12.

Parents of pupils at the community school have now chimed in on the food that has been served at the school.

Levi Cook, mother of a year 7 student at Redbridge School, told the Echo: “When I saw the pictures that were sent out by the school in the letter, I was in shock.

“The quality of food served in a hospital is far above this standard. It is absolutely awful.

“Parents are paying their hard-earned money for that food – how on earth can the company employ staff that can’t cook a jacket potato?

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“My son can do that – he is a year 7.   

“Children, including my own son have come home without eating for an entire school day – and who can blame them?

“I know that pupils take money to spend in the supermarket before school so they don’t have to eat that food.”

Levi added that she chose Redbridge Community School due to the reputation of the headteacher, Mr Ashley.

“I know Mr Ashley is so passionate about his students – that is why I have nothing but praise for the way he handled the situation.

“He cares deeply for the students and you can tell by the way he has been completely transparent with us as parents – this is why I choose to send my son to Mr Ashley’s school.

“I really appreciate that, and it goes a long way in terms of trust. There was no obligation for him to write to us and explain but I’m very grateful that he did.”

A spokesperson for Chartwells said: “We recognise the importance of school meals, and our teams work hard to provide good quality food every day.

"We apologise that in this instance our usual level of service has fallen below the high standards we demand.

"We are committed to working in collaboration with the school and are implementing an immediate action plan to rectify these issues.”