A Southampton chip shop is offering a discount to customers after the owner lost his mother to a brain tumour.

Paul Bacon, 54, lost his mum Jennifer to a high-grade brain tumour in June 2022 - just eight months after she was diagnosed.

The owner of The Big Catch in Aldermoor Road is now offering a 10 per cent discount to customers wearing a hat on March 28 as part of a fundraising campaign to help others with the disease.

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Daily Echo: Paul lost his mum, Jennifer in a brain tumour in 2022Thursday, March 28, is Wear A Hat Day - the culmination of Brain Tumour Awareness Month - and staff will be wearing a variety of novelty hats as they try to net donations for Brain Tumour Research.

Doctors initially thought Paul's mum Jennifer was suffering with sciatica.

But when the 74-year-old grandmother-of-two’s personality changed, tests revealed she had an aggressive and inoperable form of brain cancer.

Paul said: “Mum had problems with mobility in her left arm and leg which doctors through was sciatica. She didn’t want any medical intervention and hoped it would go on its own.

“Soon after her personality changed and she would worry about everything where before she took things in her stride.”

After an episode of worry saw her admitted to hospital, tests revealed a large mass on her brain.

She was told that operating could kill her, instead receiving palliative care.

Paul said: “They offered radiotherapy and chemotherapy but told us it may not reduce the mass by much and Mum declined any treatment.

“I asked how long she had and doctors said three months. She survived six.

“I was forced to sit and watch my mum disappear.

“She lost the ability to speak and communicate and spent months bed bound before her death; all because of a lack of treatment options available to her as a brain tumour patient.”

Paul has set himself a target of £274 which represents a tenth of the cost of a day of research at one of the Brain Tumour Research’s Centres of Excellence.

To donate to Brain Tumour Research via Paul’s Wear A Hat Day event, visit: www.justgiving.com/page/paul-bacon-1709982017825