Pupils from The Romsey School have taken an “amazing” three-day trip to Iceland with expeditions to the city of Reykjavik, Skogafoss Waterfall and the Blue Lagoon.

In February, 42 students from year 10 at The Romsey School were treated to a three-day trip of a lifetime by taking a more than three hour flight to explore Reykjavik and all its features.

After landing the pupils were given time to explore the city of Reykjavik, looking at the shops, cafes and local tourist attractions, including the Reykjavík Cathedral.

From here, the group went to the famous blue lagoon and spent the evening in the spa and treating themselves after a long day travelling.

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The pupil’s first day concluded by watching the northern lights in a quiet and secluded area just outside of Reykjavik.

On day two, teachers and pupils were up and out of the hotel early to enjoy the Golden Circle Tour – starting with a tour around a geothermal power plant and explored the use of renewable energy in Iceland.

Their next stop on the tour was the Geysir. Many Icelandic Geysirs erupts with water from the hot spring every six to ten minutes and can reach around 15 to 20 metres high.

After this, the explorer travelled to Gullfoss - a three step waterfall that falls into a crevice which is 32 metres deep.

A spokesperson for The Romsey School said: “This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland and can be seen from many different viewpoints so that you can take in exactly how big it truly is.

“All of the pupils have expressed how lucky they were and how enjoyable the trip was. Whilst in Iceland the pupils had a very active and jammed packed itinerary.

“Our 42 had the most amazing trip to Iceland. The pupils had an outstanding time.”

The team’s final full day was spent on the South Shore Tour, with trips to Skogafoss Waterfall which saw pupils climb 527 steps to the top of the waterfall so they could overlook the landscape.