The fast food market is a crowded one nowadays.

Once upon a time, we were content to eat a McDonald's or a KFC without a care in the world.

But now, you can't breathe for Taco Bells, Five Guys, Nando's, Slim Chickens, and the rest.

One of the newer kids on the block is German Doner Kebab - which describes itself as the world's fastest-growing kebab chain.

True to form, they do seem to be springing up all over the place, with the Above Bar Street restaurant opening in 2019, according to one staff member I spoke to.

So how does it compare to its contemporaries?

I went with the OG kebab, accompanied by fries coated in a moreish curry-flavoured seasoning.

They didn't scrimp on the fillings, I thought, as I almost detached my jaw, snake-like, to take a bite.

The salty-richness of the beef was balanced by a tangy, purple-fluorescent slaw and the tried-and-tested garlic and chilli sauces. Delicious.

One way it stood out compared to other fast-food joints was how fresh the bread tasted, unlike the nuclear war-resistant buns from other outlets that shall not be named.

For the gym rats among you, the also offer a healthy alternative - a box packed with the protein and the salads, but without the carbs.

Thankfully, that was not on the cards for me as I tucked into chilli-cheese bites (which tasted as you'd expect) and the more unusual doner spring rolls.

I found the latter to be a bit of a disappointment, as they were too oily for my liking.

Similarly, the Krunch burger - loaded with Doritos Cool Original crisps - did not live up to the name, as they had gone a bit soggy next to the sauce and juicy meat. (Although housed in a delicious Brioche bun.)

That being said, the doner box - essentially loaded fries, with cheese sauce, jalapenos and your choice of chicken or beef - was very generous and delicious in equal measure.

In terms of price, it sits somewhere above KFC and below Five Guys; a 'Boss Box' of an OG Kebab, fries, cheese bites or spring rolls, three sauces and a drink comes to £14.

Having tried a bit of everything, I can safely say the winning dish is what they have written above their door.

Perhaps now is not the time to say that historically, I was never the biggest fan of kebabs.

But this has totally won me over.

I will certainly be coming back very soon.