University Hospital Southampton is set to be showcased in a new BBC 2 series airing this month.

The sixth series of ‘Surgeons: At The Edge of Life,’ will debut on Wednesday, March 27, giving viewers a behind the scenes look at some of the work staff are faced with on a daily basis inside Southampton General Hospital.

The episode will centre around Consultant Spinal Surgeon Michael Quaye and Consultant Urology Surgeon James Douglas, who join forces to perform a two-day operation that they’ve never attempted before.

Their patient is 27-year-old George, who has previously been treated for testicular cancer.

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However, since then he has developed a tumour deep in his body that’s invaded the spine and attached itself to the aorta, the body’s biggest blood vessel.

The episode will see if the surgeons can establish if the tumour is cancerous.

The instalment will also feature the consultation of a high risk surgery for 49-year-old patient, Nigel, who has a tumour in his lung that has doubled in size in five weeks.