A Southampton-born dad has been given 15 months to live after being rushed to A&E after an optician's appointment.

Ricky Smith, a groundworker who grew up in Bishop's Waltham, started having headaches around four weeks ago.

They were initially dismissed as being due to lack of water, sleep and even stress by his GP.

Ricky carried on working despite the headaches, but when it became overwhelming he was forced to take time off work.

However, in a last-ditch to find out what was happening, his fiancée Katrina Binfield, 41, booked the 39-year-old an optician’s appointment last Monday, March 11– thinking that he may need glasses.

During the appointment, blood was found behind his eyes and he was rushed to the hospital where he underwent a CTG scan.

After more scans it was found Ricky had a grade 4 butterfly glioblastoma - a fast-growing and aggressive brain tumour.

At 39 years old the dad of three, who also has one stepson, was given only 15 months to live.

Daily Echo: Ricky Smith and his two childrenRicky Smith and his two children (Image: Katrina Binfield)

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His older brother, Aaron Smith, 41, from Fareham, said:  “When I was first told I didn’t have any feeling for about 15 to 20 minutes. I was in total shock.

“When it finally hit me, I completely broke down. The sheer nightmare of not getting to see him again was just too much.”

However, because of how aggressive and fast developing the tumour is, since diagnosis Ricky, who lived in Southampton for 32 years before moving to Kent where he lives with his fiancée and children, has already had a seizure and is seeing the effects play out.

His brother described: “We are very aware of how quickly it is affecting him. It has had an impact on his memory and the way he can relay information and hold a conversation. Everything has happened really fast.”

Since then, Ricky’s family and friends have rallied around him to help him tackle the aggressive tumour.

A fundraiser was launched by a family friend, which only a week after launching has already raised over £75,000, reaching its goal.

Katrina took to social media to share how grateful she was in an emotional video.

The fundraiser aims to help pay for treatment of immunotherapy available in Germany in a last-ditch attempt to save Ricky's life.

Biopsies taken at King’s College Hospital in London are being carried out and the results will then be used to determine the best treatment, while he also carries out radiotherapy.

Daily Echo: A video of Ricky in hospital was shared on the fundraiserA video of Ricky in hospital was shared on the fundraiser (Image: Rowan Triance)

Aaron told the Echo how grateful he is for all the donations so far, saying: “It’s amazing. The money has been donated in the last few days.

“It’s incredible that we have already reached our goal and the money will be used to try save his life.”

However, he appealed for anyone able to give any amount they are comfortable with, adding: “If you can’t donate, just share it so other people who are able to give can give.”