It's their own shrine to Saints on the other side of the world. 

Ex Sotonian Ken Andrews, 67, who has lived in Perth, Australia for more than 40 years, has turned a corner of his house into a colourful Southampton sanctuary so that he has a piece of home near him at all times. 

His garage project, which includes shirts, tickets, rosettes and memorabilia from Saints famous FA Cup victory, has the full support of his 14-year-old daughters, themselves talented footballers who are lighting up the local league in Western Australia. 

Daily Echo: 1976 memorabilia is among Ken's shrine to Saints

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Edee scored 50 goals in 15 games last season, while Penny is the midfield dynamo who sets her twin up with the goals and won the best player award last year. Ken coaches the team. 

It was in 1982 when Ken decided to leave the UK recession behind and emigrate to Oz. 

He was working at Vosper Thornycroft in Woolston and playing football at a decent level in the Hampshire League where over the years he played for both Netley Central and Romsey Town, but was swayed by the search for tradespeople in Western Australia. 

A friend already in Perth signed Ken up for semi professional Greek club Floreat Athena, coached by Saints legend John Sydenham. 

Daily Echo: Ken and teammates turning out for Floreat Athena, who won the cup in Australia

He said: "It was a dream because as a kid I was at The Dell when he and Terry Paine and big Ron Davies were in their prime."

John Sydenham managed to acquire Ken a yellow and blue shirt signed by all time top scorer Mick Channon, and his framed cup final ticket was gained in interesting fashion. 

"As I was always playing, I never got to the Saints games," said Ken. "They used to give out vouchers at random games which gave you a chance to buy tickets for big games. Monday morning at work, a guy was selling his voucher from a game against I think Oxford for 50p. Best 50p I ever spent! That voucher got me tickets to the semi final and the final. What a day!"

Daily Echo: The Andrews family are involved in Hamersley Rovers

Ken and his family, and many other fans in Perth, continue to fly the flag for Saints in Australia.

The Andrews family are coming home for Christmas for the first time since before Covid and are hoping to take in a Saints game or two, preferably in the Premier League!