Greene King has partnered with former professional footballer Peter Crouch to launch a giveaway of free pints across the country but there’s a catch.

Free pints will only be given away after the first drop of rain falls in Manchester from March 25.

The giveaway comes as Greene King’s research to mark the first day of spring revealed that despite over eight in 10 Brits (81%) believing rain is quintessentially British, almost three quarters (74%) claim that it puts them off going out and socialising.

Those least likely to go out are Gen Z, with 85% citing they’re less likely to go out if it’s wet.

So, to encourage more people to get outdoors despite the wet weather, and to mark March 2023 being the wettest March on record for 40 years, the pub company and brewer is celebrating rain with a new giveaway.

Greene King says that Manchester is the wettest city in the UK, according to research, so a nine-foot-tall pint glass shaped rain drop detector will be situated at Great Northern Warehouse in Manchester city centre from Monday, March 25.

Once Manchester experiences it first drop of rain onto the pint glass, the detector will light up and the free pints deal will be activated in Greene King pubs up and down the country.

When it rains in the northern city, Brits can enjoy a free pint nationwide and if you want to watch along, a livestream of the Rain Drop Detector is available to see via the Greene King website from March 25.

With the nation’s go to topics of conversation over a tipple being sport (56%) and the weather (49%) to chat about down the pub, Greene King has enlisted Former England footballer and avid pub lover, Peter Crouch to launch its free pint offer. 

Daily Echo: Peter Crouch is behind Greene King's new campaignPeter Crouch is behind Greene King's new campaign (Image: Greene King)

He said: “Having experienced playing football at the highest level for England, I know how much the nation loves their sport and hates the weather, so it’s no surprise to see that’s what people chat about at the pub most.

“I’ve also had my fair share of playing in wet conditions and seen first-hand how it can impact sport, and with my height, when it rains, I feel it before most people do. 

“There’s no better place to go on a rainy day than a cosy pub to enjoy a well-earned drink, I’ll be on tenterhooks looking out for the rain on Monday, with 100,000 free pints up for grabs, there’s only one place I’ll be heading when the rain drops start to fall.”

Clair Preston-Beer, Managing Director for Greene King Pubs, said: “Since March 2023 was the wettest March on record, we decided to mark the beginning of spring by offering the nation 100,000 free pints in our Greene King pubs nationwide to celebrate rather than commiserate the first drops of rain, because let’s face it, it won’t be the last of the wet weather! 

“With over four in 10 (41%) saying a free pint would cheer them up on a rainy day, it was a no-brainer for us to announce our biggest ever pint giveaway, as we all love a freebie, but the stats show not all of us love the wet weather!

“At Greene King, we are proud of being the nation’s go-to place to eat, drink, and relax with your family, friends, and colleagues, we have something for everyone, so while we can’t control the weather we can make up for it with a free pint at one of our pubs up and down the country – meaning a Good Time is (Almost) Guaranteed.

“We can’t wait to welcome customers into our pubs to claim a free drink on us, so keep an eye on the sky and our rain drop detector!”