A school previously told it required improvement by Ofsted has been told it is addressing the issues well by the regulator.

The Hamble School was previously told it needed to make changes after an inspection in September 2022.

The secondary school, on Satchell Lane, was told improvements were needed in three out of four categories.

These were quality of education, behaviours and attitudes, and leadership and management while personal development was rated ‘good’.

However, since then an ungraded inspection has been undertaken and according to the regulator, the school is making significant progress.

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The letter, from the inspector Sara Staggs to the headteacher Louisa Cambridge, who began her role in January 2023, said: “There have been changes to the make-up of the senior leadership team.

“A new senior special educational needs and disabilities coordinator (SENDCo) has also been appointed during this time. In modern foreign languages, the curriculum has been completely rewritten so that it builds the knowledge and skills that pupils need.”

It added, though, that there is still some work needed to 'ensure that all staff understand how to make appropriate adaptations for pupils with SEND in lessons'.

The inspector also mentioned the curriculum review carried out by the school.

She said: “Since the last inspection, there has been a sharp focus on curriculum development. As a result, the curriculum has been extensively reviewed. Subject leaders talk knowledgeably about the changes they have made.”

The school has also improved in its provision of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

The letter said: “You are committed to ensuring there is an inclusive culture through the school and this is being embedded effectively. The provision for pupils with SEND is improving rapidly following the implementation of a concise action plan.

The school has also dealt effectively with prejudicial behaviour and pupils know what the behaviour expectations are.

The letter added: “There is clarity around the behaviour expectations for all pupils and a bespoke package helps those pupils who need further support.

"In addition, there is now a consistent response to dealing with incidents of prejudicial behaviour. Staff have been trained to challenge this behaviour and use shared language to swiftly address this. You are rightly proud of the reduction in suspensions.”

'Really pleased'

In a letter to parents, the headteacher, Louisa Cambridge, said she was delighted that the regulator had recognised the improvements.

She added: “We are very pleased that the hard work undertaken by the whole school community has been recognised.

“We are extremely proud of our students and would like to thank the staff for their dedication and commitment to our improvement journey, as well as parents/ carers for their continued support”