An Indian takeaway which had mould on the walls of its storeroom has been slapped with a zero hygiene rating.

Balti House, on Windrush Road in Redbridge, also had food debris on its walls and floors when inspectors visited on February 3.

The rating means that the eatery was told urgent improvements were required, and the owner had 28 days to put the right procedures in place.

The Food Standards Agency inspector found there was no evidence of documented food safety management procedures due to the non-compliance found in the premises.

Inspectors found the place was being kept unclean and that there was mould and food debris on the floor and walls.

Daily Echo: Balti House, on Windrush Road, SouthamptonBalti House, on Windrush Road, Southampton (Image: Newsquest, Jose Ramos)

'Food debris on walls and floor'

It said: “The premises were not being kept clean. Mould has accumulated on the walls in the toilet and the storerooms.

“Food debris was present on the walls and on the floor below equipment in the main food preparation area.

“The internal and external surfaces of the refrigerator were dirty. The green cutting board in the main food preparation area was dirty. There was no evidence of routine cleaning tasks being completed.”

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'Soiled apron'

During the inspection, an apron being used by the staff was “worn and soiled with grease and food debris”.

The report also said: “The wash hand basins in the staff toilet and in the main food preparation area were not supplied with materials for hand washing or drying.”

It added: “In addition, the wash hand basin in the main food preparation was soiled. The law requires food premises to be kept clean.”

'Changes made'

The owner of the restaurant Zulfuka Saleem said: “I have made all the relevant changes in the report. A lot of the stuff was unnecessary like putting out hand wash which had finished that day. I had a pack in my store room to bring out once I closed. The soap was already there.

“The issues with the mould is something I am currently in dispute with the council. It is right at the back of the building and the issues are coming from the exterior which is the council’s responsibility.

“I have repaired everything in my capacity and can ensure everything is up to standard. I have always had a five-star rating and can confirm my hygiene is so good."

When asked what his message to customers he added: “To customers, the message it is completely clean and hygienic. My food is in pristine condition and high standard compared to others.

“The report has nothing to do with the food and all issues relate to issues that the council need to sort."