Police are on the lookout for three scrambler riders who have been using a public woodland "as a race track". 

Officers are hunting for the three bike riders after an incident at the woodland behind Hungerford in Bursledon. 

Reports were made of a motorbike using the area on Friday. 

Upon arrival, police detained a male who was pushing the motorbike. 

He was not one of the people causing a nuisance previously and was pushing the bike because he knew it was illegal to ride on the road, officers said. 

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The male was not aware it was illegal to use the footpaths in the woods and was given a warning under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act. 

A police spokesperson wrote on Facebook: "I’m quite certain that he’ll comply with the law from now on. Educate to prevent and prosecute to deter where it is necessary.

"We are still hunting for the three scramblers using Hungerford as a race track and showing disrespect for the local community.

"It is not a criminal offence to use motor vehicles on private land. That is between the riders and the landowner.

"We will take action where motor vehicles are using roads and public places such as the woodland footpaths without the financial protection of insurance and where the manner of riding is dangerous or inconsiderate.

"The activity of a small minority is affecting the quality of life for local people, we will continue to take action until they stop."