A Southampton couple have spoken of their anger after Amazon delivery staff dumped packages outside their door despite instructions to knock.

Dennis Taylor, 61, says he is “annoyed” by the company which has “dumped” around a dozen parcels outside his Heathfield Close home in the past year.

The former Blue Star bus driver said he always includes instructions in his orders that delivery staff should knock and hand him the parcel as both he and his wife Debbie are unable to bend down to pick them up.

But despite this, parcels continue to be left outside even when it is raining, causing damage to the package and its contents.

Daily Echo:

Dennis told the Echo: “They just leave it outside the door, knock the door and go off.

“I had one parcel for my grandson, a special book that was on Southampton transport.

“I came home and the box was left outside the front door. When I opened it up the book was so wet it got through the pages.

“So I sent this back as it had been damaged upon delivery so we had to wait about a week for a new one.

“What’s the point of me giving you special instructions if they’re not listening.”

He is unable to lift heavy packages as he is awaiting knee surgery, whilst his wife has recently had a hip replacement and cannot bend down.

The couple have now resorted to leaving a sign on the door asking the delivery person to knock or leave it with a neighbour.

Daily Echo:

But still the issues continued, with one package being left around 12ft away from the door at the top of the stairs that serves the block of flats.

An Amazon spokesperson said: “We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and we’re looking into this.”

But Dennis added: “They don’t seem to care. They just don’t want to know whatsoever.

“I try to make it as easy for them as possible by leaving notes and all they do is take a photograph and go.

“It’s annoying. I feel as if they don’t care about other people’s property.

“Lucky enough we have never had a parcel stolen from here but you do hear about parcels going from people’s drives.”

He says they have now stopped ordering from Amazon due to the ongoing issues and have not experienced the same problem with other companies.