More than 200,000 Easter eggs will be handed out to children this year - thanks to the efforts of a charity.

The Big Difference, which distributes food across the city, is hoping to make this Easter a special one for children in Southampton.

Around 220,000 eggs have been given to 28,000 children at 58 primary and secondary schools.

Dr Sanjay Mall, the charity's chief executive, started the organisation in 2020 giving out food to the homeless in 2020.

He said: “We just hope they smile when they get those eggs.

"Children are always happy when they get chocolate, even just one - never mind eight - which is how many there are in one bag.

“We just hope to give love and hope to kids and families at this time, because love and hope are the key. I am a Christian and love is the essential message.”

Daily Echo: The warehouse where Easter eggs were being distributed fromThe warehouse where Easter eggs were being distributed from (Image: NQ, Jose Ramos)

He hopes that although many are still gripped by the cost-of-living crisis, the gifts will cause joy among families.

The initiative was made possible through a partnership with the charity and other organisations such as the Scratch, Vermont Solutions and the Rotary Club of Southampton Magna.

It comes as the charity is also raising £500,000 to buy a warehouse.

Daily Echo: Lord Mayor, Cllr Valerie LaurentLord Mayor, Cllr Valerie Laurent (Image: NQ, Jose Ramos)

The Lord Mayor of Southampton, Cllr Valerie Laurent, said: “It’s just stunning. The work of the team and the organisation of this is unbelievable.

“I have just been shown the boxes and every child will get a pack of eight.

“No child will go without. You look around the world and times are hard and people sometimes don’t realise that time is hard for people on our own doorstep.

“And they might not be able to buy an easter egg for their child and how that must affect them but today, thanks to Dr Mall and his team, every child in the city will be able to get one.”