A Southampton man is appealing for motorcyclists to give his father his dream final journey after he suddenly died earlier this month.

George Wyeth, who grew up in Woolston but has lived in West End with his wife Debbie for the last 20 years, was 72 when he died unexpectedly at his home on March 8.

Now, his son Scott Wilton, is working to organise a ride out to the Wessex Vale Crematorium for the motorbike lover.

He said news of George's death came as a huge shock to the family.

The 46-year-old, from Locks Heath, said: “It came as a complete shock to the whole family – particularly my 10-year-old daughter who doesn’t understand she won’t be able to see her grandad again.

“He was brilliant with her, and she had him wrapped around her little finger. We think he secretly wanted a daughter and got to live that out through his only grandchild."

Scott told the Echo that his father George had been a total motorhead throughout his life and now wanted to give his old man a fitting send off and pay tribute to his love of motorbikes.

He said: “As a youngster he was a total rocker and always loved motorbikes. He would always have a bike rather than a car.

“He was even talking about getting a motorbike again in the summer.

“Dad’s favourite bikes were always Harley-Davidsons – he also had a love for the Triumph Bonneville.”

The father-of-one, who previously took to social media to appeal to bikers from across the city, said that the response so far had been “overwhelming”, and that he was very grateful for those that had agreed to come.

He continued: “The response from the community has been just fantastic – They have gone above and beyond. We have had many responses and motorcyclists confirm they will be there.

“Groups such as Biker Escorts UK and even a few ex-motorcycle police officers will be joining us.

“Having the Echo hear about our appeal was just the cherry on top.”

Scott is now appealing for any motorcyclist to join the ride from Oak Vale in Chartwell Green, to the Wessex Vale Crematorium in Hedge End.

The bikers will be meeting at around 9am on April 12.