Dead birds are getting trapped in netting above a Southampton supermarket.

Animal welfare organisation Foundation for Feathered Friends has complained to Sainsbury’s after seeing five dead pigeons tangled in the netting on three separate occasions.

It happened at the supermarket chain’s branch in Portswood Road, Portswood.

Sainsbury’s has since issued an apology and said they have fixed issued that have caused this to happen.

Foundation for Feathered Friends, a non-profit organisation, told the Echo that on three separate visits a shopper became very distressed when five pigeons had been caught in the netting above the car park, and subsequently died.

The shopper reported the incident to the RSPCA.

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But the non-profit said: “The Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981 is very specific about the responsibilities of anyone who installs netting,” adding it is “incumbent” upon Sainsbury’s to ensure it is not trapping birds.

“Under The Animal Welfare Act 2006 any wildlife trapped in netting for over 25 hours is subject to the same protection as any domestic animal.

“Should that wildlife die a crime has been committed under this Act.

“There are humane means of deterring birds from entering the area which many companies, like Sainsburys, now employ in tune with the general mood of the public who are increasingly concerned with animal cruelty.”

The chain has now said that the Portswood store has taken steps to secure the netting after it was damaged.

In response to the issue, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “The pest control netting in our Portswood Southampton store car park has been damaged by high sided vehicles, such as vans.

“This was repaired to prevent any further incidents as soon as it was brought to our colleagues’ attention.

“We have also installed a height barrier to prevent this from happening again and we are sorry for any upset this may have caused.”