A top chef has urged those in the industry to source food locally.

Nick O’Halloran, head chef at Figurati in Southampton's Ocean Village, is advocating for businesses to prioritise sourcing ingredients from local suppliers.

Figurati procures more than 75 per cent of its ingredients from businesses within a 30-mile radius, largely from Farmers Butcher in Bramshaw.

Mr O’Halloran's philosophy places emphasis on bolstering local farmers and decreasing dependence on larger suppliers.

Nick O’Halloran, head chef at Figurati in Ocean Village, said: "There is a critical need for mutual support among businesses at all times, but especially when times are tight.

"During an escalating cost-of-living crisis, consumer behaviour is undergoing a significant transformation, with heightened financial consciousness leading to dwindling foot traffic in some local businesses.

"This ripple effect has placed immense pressure on some local businesses, often forcing them to seek cost-cutting measures such as sourcing cheaper suppliers or increasing their own prices.

"Consequently, neighbouring businesses have lost mutual support, resulting in profound repercussions for the business landscape across the city and often forcing closures.

"Our popular ribeye steaks, renowned for their tenderness and flavour, are sourced 20 miles away exclusively from New Pastures Butchers, and the popularity of our Thursday steak nights shows how much diners love them too.

"We also have partnerships with Isle of Wight Tomatoes just across the Solent, providing fresh, seasonal tomatoes that add a burst of flavour to our dishes when in season.

"We then source our delicious hot and cold smoked trout from our local supplier, ChalkStream Foods, located just 11 miles away.

"Supporting local producers and maintaining a strong connection with our community is at the heart of Figurati's ethos, and we encourage all Hampshire residents to use independent restaurants and businesses to support each other."