A Southampton man threatened to petrol bomb a probation office and told a pregnant woman he was going to “kick the baby out of your belly”.

Terrance Day, 32, made the shocking threats during a visit to a probation office in Basingstoke.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Day, of Orchard Lane, had attended the offices to discuss how he had been refused a move to a new address.

But during this meeting, where he admitted he had been drinking, Day began accusing staff of having “stitched him up” and making threats to “slice myself up”, before turning on staff.

He was told to leave, at which point he told the pregnant probation worker he would “kick the baby out of your belly”.

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He then left but shouted from across the road: “I am going to come back and petrol bomb all of you.”

Day left two voicemail messages saying that he had been set up by probation, repeating similar threats.

But his aggression did not stop there, as when police arrived at the hotel he was staying at to arrest him, he then attacked them.

As one officer tried to put him in handcuffs he resisted, striking the constable on the cheek causing two small scratches.

He then got the officer in a headlock motion, though the officer would later say his breathing was not restricted.

When Day was finally brought into custody, he became abusive to the interviewing officer and did not answer questions.

Daily Echo: Southampton Crown CourtSouthampton Crown Court

The offences were committed during the operational period of a community order.

In a statement read out in court by prosecutor, Ed Warren, the officer who was assaulted said: “Mr Day had no excuse to assault me and his actions were completely unprovoked.

“I don’t go to work to get assaulted.”

Day has 33 previous convictions for 87 offences including an assault on an emergency worker where he spat in the officers mouth.

He also has previous offences for racially aggravated harassment, theft, battery and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.

Judge Nicholas Rowland said he has an “entrenched history of offending” and that “having been given an opportunity” when he received a community order, he “threw it back in the faces of the court”.

Day pleaded guilty to threatening to destroy of damage property, common assault and assault on an emergency worker.

He was jailed for 24 months.

Mitigating, Francisca Da Costa said he has difficulties controlling his feelings and is “sorry for his actions”.

She added: “They were empty threats, he never intended to cause the harm that he threatened.

“When he is not drinking he is not a bad guy. [He is] drinking to block the pain but unfortunately that drinking has caused his life to go nowhere.”