Hundreds turned up at the Guildhall Square for a Good Friday Easter service.

Worshippers from all over the city gathered in the city centre to sing songs of praise and listen to a talk.

The event organised by Miracle Street and Love Southampton saw contemporary music being played by musicians from Above Bar Church as well as as from the Salvation Army.

Easter eggs were also being offered to members of the public who stopped by to watch the service.

Daily Echo:  Paul Woodman, leader of City Life Church Paul Woodman, leader of City Life Church (Image: Newsquest, Jose Ramos)

Event organiser, Paul Woodman, leader of City Life Church said: "Today is Good Friday and we wanted to get together all the churches because we believe slightly different things about different interpretations of the Bible but we all agree that Jesus died and rose again.

"It's the time of the year when we can come together as we all believe that essential part of our faith."

He said the meaning of Easter is a mix of sadness and joy, which can be how life is sometimes.

He said: "As well as Friday, you have Saturday which seems to go silent and nothing happened at all and sometimes can feel like that when you're not even sure if God exists anymore.

"And we find ourselves for Easter Sunday, that sense of hope and so Good Friday is as much about hope as it is about suffering."

The acting Bishop of Southampton Geoff Annas was also at the event, where he prayed over the congregation.

The event saw a talk from Steve Lee, of Miracle Street, a Christian organisation with the aim of spreading the message of Jesus.

Mr Woodman went on: "We have used the phrase 'There is hope' for a lot of the work we do and even through the pandemic. Sometimes we can live lives not knowing there is hope and I think the Christian message of Easter is that there is hope."

The public was also told of various Easter Sunday services happening around the city such as an all-age service at Above Bar Church; similarly an Easter Sunday service at Sholing Salvation Army at 10am or 9.30 service at Covenant Church.