Currently, there are restrictions on the M27 due to surface upgrades.

Why did they not do this when, for a number of years, we had to put up with another brainless idea called smart-motorway alterations?

Because of the many fatal accidents that occurred, more road restrictions came into force to replace emergency lay-bys. 

I now hold to account the road construction company involved in the latest bizarre, money-making folly, that has redrawn the white lines.

The middle one is so narrow it is dangerous.

When larger vehicles, drug and drink drivers and less experienced drivers are put into the equation, it is a fatal accident waiting to happen.

Either the authorities responsible need to shut down that dangerous stretch of motorway, or order the construction company involved to get rid of all the obstructions and revert back to normal road use until they come up with a sensible idea to proceed without endangering lives.

If anybody is fatally injured because of this folly it is corporate manslaughter and the perpetrators should be held responsible if nothing is done.

David Hacking