MORE than 100 people were stopped and searched by police in the last three months of 2023. 

Recent figures revealed that the number had increased from 97 between July and September to 111 between October and December. 

The most common reason for stopping was drugs with 73, followed by stolen property with 17.

Other reasons to stop are: offensive weapon - 15, going equipped - six and criminal damage - three. 

The figures also showed that black people were 2.8 times more likely to be stopped by police than white people across the Test Valley. 

Test Valley chief inspector Hayley O’Grady said: “Test Valley stop and search figures have risen in the last quarter from 97 to 111, a rise which has continued since July 2023. This is an improving picture as we also see an increase in positive outcomes from the searches. Our disproportionality figures also remain constant, which is a good sign that officers are using their powers legitimately. 

“You’ll see there are three crime types that stand out – offensive weapon, drugs and stolen property, but I’d also like to draw your attention to the going equipped numbers.

“This offence relates to a preparatory crime linked to burglary.

“Individuals who are intending to burgle will have items with them to facilitate the entry into premises and can be arrested for this, even before committing the complete offence, so is a really good use of our search powers.

“Burglary is a crime that affects many of you in Test Valley and is one of my district priorities.

“We are also targeting those carrying weapons and drugs and continue to ensure these remain a focus. Drug related harm affects communities and we will continue to make Test Valley a hostile place for county lines and those individuals intent on exploiting vulnerable people and causing harm.“

The figures also showed that the outcome of the stops were: no further action - 69, community resolution - 20, arrest - 14, voluntary attendance - six and cation - two.