Southampton has been ranked among the top three most cruise-obsessed cities in the UK, according to new research.

Obviously, Southampton is the UK’s largest cruise port so it is perhaps unsurprising it features here.

The research was conducted by the insurance agency InsureMy, which analysed Google search data over the last 12 months to establish which UK cities and towns are searching for cruise holidays the most.

As part of this, it looked at Google searches of 20 popular cruise holiday search terms to calculate which cities are the most obsessed with cruise holidays.

Daily Echo: Southampton's three most searched cruise terms were Norwegian cruise line, tui cruise, and carnival cruiseSouthampton's three most searched cruise terms were Norwegian cruise line, tui cruise, and carnival cruise (Image: Canva)

Southampton among most cruise-obsessed cities in the UK

Southampton was ranked as the third most cruise-obsessed city in the UK with an average of 991 monthly searches per 100,000 people.

It added: "The top three cruise terms Southampton residents are searching for are "Norwegian cruise line", "tui cruise", and "carnival cruise".

"Southampton residents may find it easier to have cruise holidays than to catch an aeroplane as the port of Southampton has five cruise terminals: City Cruise, Horizon, Mayflower, Ocean, and QEII."

The top five most cruise-obsessed cities were as follows:

  1. Sutton - 1,136 average monthly searches per 100,000 people
  2. Blackpool - 1,076
  3. Southampton - 991
  4. Mansfield - 976
  5. Wakefield - 975

Stewart Barnett, Head of Marketing for InsureMy, said: "While UK cities and towns may not be traditionally associated with cruise culture, there has been a growing interest and fascination with cruises in recent years.

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"Despite their inland locations, cities like Mansfield and Wakefield have shown a surprising level of enthusiasm for cruising. With regular searches for cruise-related information and the proximity to cruise terminals like Hull, these cities are embracing the cruise experience.   

"The allure of exploring new destinations, enjoying luxurious amenities, and experiencing the open sea has swayed the residents in these urban areas.

"As the popularity of cruises continues to rise globally, UK cities and towns are joining the trend and showcasing their newfound obsession with this form of holiday."