A penguin who lives in Hampshire has reached the final top six of a global competition to crown the world’s favourite penguin.

Frank, a 19-year-old Humboldt penguin who lives at Paultons Park in Romsey, is in the running to win March of the Penguin Madness.

Paultons is home to a group of 15 Humboldt penguins, with Frank, who was hatched at Birdworld before moving to Romsey in 2016, the oldest and leader of the colony.

Daily Echo: Frank is now one of the top six finalists in the competition Frank is now one of the top six finalists in the competition (Image: Submitted)The competition puts 48 penguins head-to-head, and the public is to vote for which is their favourite, with the winner being granted the title of “world’s favourite penguin.”

Paultons Park penguin keeper of six years, Kathryn Lyon, 30, said: “Frank is a little older than many of his counterpart and he often forgets that and tries to keep up.

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“He loves bubbles and playing with shadows – he is also very much the leader of the group and keeps them all in check.

“The keepers at Paultons know Frank well for being very mischievous. He loves a game of hide and seek.

“He is also brilliant at testing our patience – Frank loves climbing up and around the waterfall, often giving us a huge fright.”

If Frank is to be crowned the winner of the March of the Penguin Madness, he will also act as an educational ambassador for penguins.

You can vote at https://www.penguinsinternational.org/motpm-2024/.

Daily Echo: Keeper, Kathryn Lyon with FrankKeeper, Kathryn Lyon with Frank (Image: Submitted)The keeper continued: “I want to say a huge thank you to all those that voted for Frank to get him into the competition - and now the top six finalists.

“He is the only Humboldt left and the final vote will open on Sunday.

"Frank is also the only penguin left in the competition that is based in the UK."

 The Humboldt species is a South American species of penguin that researchers consider to be an endangered species.

Kathryn said that if Frank was to be crowned the competition winner, it would increase knowledge of the species as well as making Frank instantly recognisable.