A violent man told his ex-girlfriend ‘you will get shot’ in a tirade of threatening abuse.

Connor Kerr, 24, sent a flurry of abusive texts to his former partner as the pair discussed childcare arrangements.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Kerr hit out at his ex after being told she would only allow him supervised contact with their child.

Prosecuting, Keely Harvey said: “The defendant was in contact with her throughout the day on October 10 of last year.

“The conversation became abusive, and both sides were exchanging insults.

“His comments led her to believe he was threatening her father, and she believed he could carry out those threats.

“She had seen his violent nature.”

Ms Harvey went on to say how Kerr told the victim "you are all getting stabbed, you will get shot".

She said: “The victim believed he was threatening her and her partner.

“But the defendant said he had been goaded into it having received threats from the victim’s partner.”

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Kerr, of Queen's Gate Terrace, Kensington, pleaded guilty to one count of sending communication conveying a threatening message.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of failing to notify and comply with Sexual Harm Prevention order requirements.

Ms Harvey said the defendant is required to register his details with the police until 2027 following an indecent exposure incident.

But after the breakdown of his relationship, he left Southampton and moved to London with his mother.

After several attempts to track him down, Kerr was found and arrested by police.

Mitigating, Laura Duff said he has acknowledged he buried his head in the sand.

She said: “Mr Kerr is now in a considerably more stable position, and he has no intention of repeating this mistake of not registering.

“The tone of the messages is matched by the victim, but he is well aware that behaviour is not acceptable.”

Judge Gary Burrell described Kerr’s behaviour as appalling.

He said: “You should know that anything you do like that is going to be a problem for you.

“This is not at the top end of criminal activity, but it is serious offending.”

Kerr was handed an 18-month community order for both offences and a two-year restraining order.

He was also ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and undertake 35 days of rehabilitation activity requirements.