A popular Hampshire watering hole is up for sale as its landlords bid farewell.

The Hampshire Bowman is on the market for a whopping £800,000.

It comes as landlords of the Bishop’s Waltham pub Mark and Chloe Newman are set to leave this summer when their tenancy ends.

In a post on Facebook, Mark said: “We are tired.

“We would like to spend time with each other and our children.

“We would like jobs that pay a wage and come with some holiday entitlement.

“Our tenancy will come to an end in October. The owners of the freehold have put the pub up for sale.

“This will almost certainly mean a lot of change for The Bowman so enjoy the pub as it is this summer as things may be very different next year.

“But it will remain a pub and is not being sold for housing."

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He added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our families, especially my parents, and all of our staff from over the years for their help and support.

“We would also like to thank you, our loyal customers for all of your love and support over the years.”

The pub is on the market with Sidney Phillips.

According to The Hampshire Bowman website, there has long been an inn on the site.

Known as The Dundridge Hotel, the premises caught fire in 1896 and the ruins were blown away in a storm.

It reopened the following year as The Jubilee and continued to serve the community for decades to come.