Residents have had their say on an upcoming improvement in the city’s weather fortunes.

Earlier this week, The Echo reported on the ‘mini-heatwave’ set to arrive this weekend.

It may not be breaking any records, but given the grim nature of the forecast so far in 2024, 17 degrees is practically tropical.

Just coming out of what has been the wettest March in 40 years, The Echo spoke to some locals enjoying the sun in Palmerston Park, to see what they made of it all.

Callum Riley, 20, said that so far this year the weather “has not been great" and that "spring is not doing what it should” but he acknowledged that it “is early days.”

He was looking forward to the balmier temperatures of the weekend.

He said: “When the sun comes out…everyone just feels a bit more positive.”

He plans to get out and about over the weekend to enjoy it.

Improved weather nationwide comes as the result of an “African plume” set to last for around 72 hours, that the Met Office says could lead to a “prolonged dry spell".

This afternoon, the mercury hit 21 degrees in London, and Aberdeen enjoyed 18 degrees, 7C higher than the average for this time of year.

Deborah Harris, who has lived in Southampton all her life, says “it’s excellent” that the weather will be improving this weekend.

Like many others, Deborah plans “to go out tomorrow afternoon to the nearest beach and enjoy the sun".

Indeed, waterside areas are likely to be busy over the weekend, but bad news for anyone wanting to enjoy the sandy beaches of Bournemouth – engineering works mean that on Saturday and Sunday, no trains will be running between Southampton and the popular beachside destination – you will have to settle for bus replacements.

Simone and Tony Barnham, who have lived in Hardley for thirteen years, are also hoping that the weather improves, so that Simone can get out and do some work in the garden.