Pranksters have filled a fountain in a city centre park with bubbles.

Soapsuds could be seen bubbling from the Foutain of Peace in East Park on Saturday.

Passer-by Leah Hilleard was strolling through the Southampton park when she spotted the soapy scene.

Daily Echo: The Fountain of Peace in East Park on SaturdayThe Fountain of Peace in East Park on Saturday (Image: Leah Hilleard)

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She said: “It was definitely a surprise when I started to walk through the park.

“I could see all this white stuff first of all - I thought it was rubbish been thrown around the park as I got nearer.

“I could see the fountain and there were quite a few people around all taking photos.

“It was very strange blowing around but still staying solid. It was very peculiar.”

This is not the first time a fountain in Southampton has been targeted.

Last August, the fountain outside Southampton City Art Gallery was brimming with bubbles.

The repair work was estimated to cost hundreds of pounds, according to the council.