A large bag of cannabis was found in a car after a police chase.

Officers in Hedge End received reports that the occupants of a vehicle had failed to stop, then fled.

A foot chase ensued – including some ‘garden hopping’ – and two men from the vehicle were detained.

Officers then stopped another man who was found near where the vehicle was dumped.

The vehicle was searched, and a large amount of cannabis and money was found.

Officers searching the vehicle also discovered some taped wirings under the bonnet which led to the front lights.

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A remote control was then found, and officers discovered this was used to activate blue and red flashing lights on the front of the vehicle.

All three male occupants of the vehicle were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply a class B drug.

The driver was also arrested for driving otherwise in accordance with a license, driving without insurance and failing to stop.

The vehicle was seized by police and the investigation is ongoing.