Regarding Geoffrey Brookings’ letter on Saturday the 20th. Quite rightly, he lists the latest batch of Tory MPs alleged to have broken the rules, etc.

However, he seems to have brushed aside Labour MPs and other parties’ public representatives’ wrongdoings.

It’s fairer to have a balanced view, is it not?

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After all, MPs are human beings open to temptation, as within any organisation or sector of society.

And yes, as a Tory voter, I must agree that a change of government may be best for this great country, which has a tendency to be often talked down. And yes, I’m not totally averse to a Labour government, but I’d rather it not be Sir Keir Starmer.

After all, he stood by and served under Jeremy Corbyn in opposition and during the last election, and no doubt would have been happy to be in and serve in Corbyn’s cabinet.

In my humble opinion, there are far better Labour MPs who are true to their beliefs, rather than Starmer, who appears to say anything regardless of the who or whatever the audience or splinter group he’s stood in front of at any particular time.

Unfortunately, I don’t see him as the great redeemer or the new political messiah.

At the moment, Labour is well-disciplined, but wait and watch this space; cometh the man, cometh the uncertain hour.

Don’t forget, it’s very easy in a situation when things go wrong to step forward and say, “I wouldn’t have done that” or “said that,” a lot of Starmer’s approach. I really don’t know what he really stands for, only power at any cost. It’s not wise to be all things to all people.

Peter Fallon Southampton