An insurance brokers have opened a branch in Chandler's Ford.

Pangea Insurance Brokers have bucked the online trend by opening a new brick-and-mortar branch with a focus on personal services.

Based in Hampshire, Pangea identified a customer need for simpler offline methods and less search hassle often found online.

On April 20, their new branch was launched in Fryern Arcade, Chandler's Ford.

A team of professionals await to assist locals with car, home, and travel insurance among other offerings.

Director of Pangea Insurance Brokers, Michael Piper, said: "We hope that this is just the beginning for our consumer services. Our aim is to keep expanding and for us to be able to reach as many of our customers as possible.

"Our team work incredibly hard to maintain strong relationships with all our clients, and a lot of that is built through trust and continued customer satisfaction. Therefore, not only are we excited to be introducing new customers through our doors, but we also have our existing customers in mind, who can now benefit from the added value of actually being able to sit down with their advisor.

"We understand that no one really wants to talk about insurance. But the fact is, everyone needs it. Our passion is creating long-term relationships with customers, whether they are a business owner, new home owner, or just looking for some guidance.

"Put your trust in someone who is qualified and knows the insurance world inside and out, so that they can take away that stress for as long as you need them to."