Rock bottom Stoke arrived at The Dell on March 16, 1985, having not won an away game all season and it remained that way after a boring 0-0 draw.

This was a disappointment for Saints after they beat Stoke 3-1 in the away fixture at Victoria Ground on October 13, 1984.

Saints fans will be hoping for a more entertaining match and a win for Southampton this weekend when they play host to Stoke at St Mary’s Stadium.

Daily Echo: Saints (Southampton Football Club) V Stoke at the Dell. 16th Mar 1985. ? THE SOUTHERN DAILY ECHO ARCHIVES.  Ref  7211j

These pictures were taken that day at The Dell in 1985.

Stoke finished in 22nd place with only 17 points and were relegated to the Second Division. Saints on the other hand finished 5th on 68 points.