A SENIOR Hampshire county councillor has left his role at the cabinet.

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer says he was ditched due to a row with leader Rob Humby.

Cllr Humby, the council nor Cllr Oppenheimer will go into detail. 

Cllr Oppenheimer, who had been on the cabinet for three years, said he was sacked due to a difference of opinion with Cllr Humby.

He said: “It's true I have been removed from the cabinet, I had a difference of opinion with the leader. 

“I don't want to discuss the ins and outs of it, it's just politics. It's not a big row, it's a difference of views.

“I have been sacked from the cabinet, I did not resign.

“The leader appoints the cabinet, it's his prerogative. I accept we had a difference of views.

“I think it's a shame. I would like to think I have a future in Hampshire politics. I support my successor Kirsty North. I wish her all the best. 

“I hope to get back into the cabinet at some point. I would like to make a comeback.”

Cllr Oppenheimer will continue to represent Petersfield Hangers on the county council

As reported, Cllr Kirsty North is to take on the portfolio of executive member for countryside and regulatory services.

Cllr North will retain her chairmanship of the employment in Hampshire County Council committee.

Cllr Zoe Huggins has also been appointed to the position of executive member for performance, human resources, inclusion and diversity.

Cllr Humby said: “In his cabinet role, Russell has worked tirelessly to promote and protect the interests of Hampshire’s countryside and champion the work of the county council to protect Hampshire consumers - and in particular, the efforts of our Trading Standards teams to tackle illegal sales of vapes to young people, for which we are very grateful. We thank him for all his dedication and teamwork during his time in post."

Additional reporting by Ross Marshall