A former “run down” Southampton bowling alley has now been turned into a “state of the art” spot after a £4m revamp.

Tenpin on Auckland Road, Millbrook was on the cusp of being turned into a builder's merchant.

But thanks to fans lobbying the company to stay, it has not only reopened but been transformed - with escape rooms, karaoke and laser tag too.

Daily Echo: Tenpin on Auckland Road Tenpin on Auckland Road (Image: NQ, Jose Ramos)

General manager Dan Draper said: "There is now way to go around it, it was run down but has now turned into a state-of-the-art facility."

In June 2022, plans to turn the 36-lane bowling alley into a branch of Travis Perkins were revealed.

But hundreds of people signed a protest petition set up by Amanda Baker, who said the site was the "only place left" in the area for children to go that was "cheap and affordable".

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However, after Tenpin negotiated with the landlord, it was agreed they would remain the leaseholders for the site and the site saw a major revamp.

This in turn not only saved 30 jobs but is likely to create another 30 positions as the business continues to flourish, Dan, 26, said.

The new facilities include five escape rooms by award-winning Houdini’s, four private karaoke rooms, a new Prison Putt indoor golfing experience, a soft play area for children and an upgraded arcade space with the latest high-tech video games.

There is also a laser tag area.

Daily Echo: Tenpin on Auckland Road Tenpin on Auckland Road (Image: NQ, Jose Ramos)

General manager Dan Draper, 26, said: “Tenpin was not happy to lose this site. We were actually trying to find a way to keep it open and once the company had negotiated the lease it was about four weeks that we started the refurbishment."

He said it was the most money Tenpin had spent on a refurbishment, which made sense as it was its biggest site - adding: "However, with that said, we are still committed to making it the cheapest bowling alley around."

He said the business is now looking to attract people looking for midweek activities.

He said: “We really want to be the place for the mid-week hangouts. The place people come to in the area.

“The weekends sell themselves, but it’s during the week that we have a chance to attract more people.”