Campaigners calling for an end to the war in Gaza have lined the entrance of a Southampton-based defence firm, holding imitation shrouded babies.

More than a dozen pro-Palestine protesters gathered outside the Leonardo factory in Millbrook on First Avenue on Wednesday, April 24.

They had banners, flags, and sombre drum music to raise awareness of people who are losing their lives in the Israel-Gaza conflict. They meet each week.

Leonardo is one of the UK's leading aerospace companies and one of the biggest suppliers of defence and security equipment to the Ministry of Defence.

Its Southampton factory manufactures InfraRed (IR) detectors and Thermal Imaging (TI) sensors which play "a crucial role in supporting military, security and civil clients."

Campaigners will be returning to the site next week on May 1, remembering the Palestinian poet Refaat Alareer who was killed by the occupation in December last year, with a recital of his poem ‘If I Must Die’ and other Palestinian poetry.