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Southampton's past is brimming with tales of maritime adventures, cultural heritage and influential figures.

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Southampton's history is woven into the fabric of the city itself. From the imposing walls of the Bargate guarding the medieval town to the bustling docks that launched iconic voyages like the Titanic, Southampton's past is visible everywhere you look.

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Daily Echo:

Whether you're a lifelong resident or simply curious about this historic city, it is the perfect way to deepen your knowledge.

This week we've explored Shirley High Street and Shirley Road in the 1980s, the evolution of East Street through the decades, the meteoric rise of B&Q from Portswood store to global brand, memories of Owen Owen department store, and so much more

Daily Echo:

Other stories have included picture galleries of vintage Lymington postcards and when Premier League footballer James Beattie helped Dockgate 4 restaurant and bar celebrate their 10th birthday.

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