Once a major draw in Southampton, the site has transformed into a construction zone.

Established back in 1989, The Bargate Shopping Centre gained its name from the iconic Bargate monument situated nearby in the city of Southampton.

In addition to featuring a restaurant and cyber café, the shopping complex offered a variety of stores such as Quicksilver, Game, Alternate clothing store, and Lucky's tattoo studio.

There was also a collection of specialist stores, including technology-related shops, a nail salon and a photographic studio.

Daily Echo:

In the past, numerous visitors used to gather at Sega World for gaming fun, savour a ShakeAway treat, or explore the various shops housed within the complex.

With Westquay and The Marlands presenting strong competition, Bargate Shopping Centre quickly lost its appeal to shoppers, leading to a decline in foot traffic and prompting traders to close their units.

Daily Echo:

By the time mid-April of 2013 rolled around, every shop in the vicinity had emptied out, yet it wasn't until November 24, 2017, that the demolition of the centre commenced.

Ongoing efforts are dedicated to transforming the centre into a pedestrian-friendly street as part of a comprehensive revitalisation project in the neighbouring vicinity.

Daily Echo:

It's planned for the Bargate Quarter development to feature residential apartments, shops and open space designed to celebrate the city's rich history and heritage.

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