A fundraiser to provide a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who killed a swan in Southampton has already reached £2,000.

The Just Giving campaign has been set up by a community devastated at the loss of a nesting swan, who was shot in the neck near Weston Parade earlier this month, and her five unborn cygnets. 

Launched in conjunction with Swan Support, the voluntary swan rescue organisation that went to the aid of the swan family, it is hoped the fund will also help them care for the surviving male swan in the pair who has been relocated. 

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Andrew Lee, who set up the fund, told the Daily Echo: "A nesting female swan was shot in the neck with an air rifle and bled to death, leaving behind her grieving mate and five eggs that will never hatch. 

"Local people are devastated by the loss of these beautiful creatures that had been a feature of the area for years producing new cygnets and bringing joy to the community.

"We are seeking to flush out the person responsible. We can never bring back these wonderful creatures but we can make sure the person who did this faces up to this act of horrific and senseless cruelty."

Daily Echo:  A female swan has died after being shot in the neck with an air rifle near Weston Parade,

Police confirmed the swan was shot with an air rifle and an investigation was launched in the wake of the incident on Tuesday, April 23.

A spokesperson confirmed Swan Support called them at 10.25am on Thursday about the incident and asked anyone with information about the incident to call 101 quoting reference number 44240172544.”

Swan Support has attended more than 20 separate, similar incidents since the end of last year – with no arrests made with each case filed.

The swan rescue centre treats sick and injured swans in the Thames Valley and surrounding areas and has 20 years of experience in their rescue and rehabilitation.

Volunteers at Swan Support are also passionate about educating the public with regards to the detrimental effect human behaviour and carelessness can have on swans and other water birds.  

Donate at justgiving.com/page/westonswans