Sholing’s history stretches back centuries, offering a fascinating glimpse into the area’s development and character.

Records from 1251 mention Sholing, suggesting an origin stretching even further back.

Initially a small, rural hamlet with few inhabitants, mainly of Romany descent.

Daily Echo: Spring Road.

The area was primarily used for agricultural and military purposes.

The opening of the Floating Bridge in 1836 and later the Itchen Bridge significantly impacted Sholing.

Daily Echo: Church Road.

Southampton’s expansion, fueled by the construction of docks, led to Sholing’s development.

The arrival of the railway in 1866 further accelerated growth and population increase.

Daily Echo: Cranbury Road.

Sholing transitioned from a rural area to a thriving community with its own church and parish.

Sholing Common, once used as a troop holding ground, saw diverse uses, including a rifle range.

Daily Echo: Middle Road.

The area continued to develop, with housing and industry playing a key role.

Sholing Football Club, boasting a successful history, is popular among the local community.

Daily Echo: South East Road.

Today, Sholing is a vibrant district of Southampton, retaining its unique character and history.

These undated postcards provide a glimpse back to Sholing of the past.