A YouTube video of Southampton shows how much the city has changed in just 12 years.

The clip, uploaded by My World Through a Lens, shows various parts of the city centre and the buildings which have changed or vanished in the years since.

Included is Debenhams, which changed name from Edwin Jones in 1973. The decision was made to not reopen the store when it closed during the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

A quick peek around the corner revealed East Street shopping centre, which is then explored in detail. By that time, most of the units were already empty.

Southampton's first indoor shopping centre, which opened in the 1970s, was finally shut for good in 2013.

Nearby the Royal Oak pub still existed, 

Taking a trip down Queensway, the video peers down Canal walk and shows the building where Nexus nightclub once entertained clubbers with indie and alternative music. It was closed and adorned with scaffolding at the time the video was shot.

Further up Queenway looked completely different compared to nowadays.

The garages were still there as were Mcluskys and New York New York nightclubs.

Although the clubs had shut long before the video was captured, they weren't demolished until 2013.