A new fire engine has arrived at Beaulieu fire station, boasting a range of benefits for the community and crews.

This Light Rescue Pump (LRP) is more compact, agile, and better equipped than its predecessor.

Key features include state-of-the-art battery-powered hydraulic rescue equipment, various battery-powered tools, an ultra-high pressure lance for external firefighting, and a 'clean cab' design to protect firefighters' health.

The arrival of the new appliance, a longstanding tradition since 1909, was marked with a photograph at the Beaulieu Estate.

Station Manager Adam Glasspool said: "It was only fitting that we honour the tradition of the crew having a photograph at the Beaulieu Estate with the new appliance.

"The Light Rescue Pump is very well equipped and a considerable amount of thought and effort has gone in to making use of every inch of available space within the vehicle. It brings many benefits in terms of keeping our communities and crews safer."