A Southampton care home has partnered with local school children in a national effort to rescue traditional recipes from obscurity.

Ancasta Grove, run by Care UK, is involved in the UK-wide campaign after a poll revealed that a startling 65 per cent no longer use treasured family recipes.

Additionally, more than 40 per cent of those polled expressed a keen interest in preserving these culinary traditions.

The operator, Care UK, has decided to address this by releasing a free-to-download recipe book, 'Recipes to Remember'. It comprises a collection of recipes shared by care home residents all over the country.

Spanning from World War Two meals to distinctive 1970s desserts, the book features residents’ favourite foods and recipes specially adapted to cater to seniors by Care UK’s acclaimed chefs.

Residents of Ancasta Grove have teamed up with Sarisbury Infant School pupils, eager to show the deliciousness of their tried-and-true foods. Both groups baked cakes that were popular during the residents’ childhoods, while the children also learnt how to make traditional English scones under the guidance of the care home's residents.

Resident, David, said: "It was such a joy baking the recipes from our childhood and sharing them with the younger generation. These recipes must be passed on and for them to enjoy. It was such a wonderful experience baking and eating together – what a treat!"

Joel Ignacio, home manager at Ancasta Grove, said: "Spring is in the air – and so too are the smells of some incredibly tasty home-baked recipes adored by residents and their families for generations.

Just like a photograph, a family recipe can be a way to revisit the past and reminisce on a cherished memory or loved one. How something tastes or smells can be a powerful tool for triggering memories and positive feelings, especially for those living with dementia, which is why we’re delighted to be taking part in Care UK’s Recipes to remember campaign.

"From simple ingredients to scones it’s been wonderful seeing the residents revisit some of their favourite foods from across the decades with pupils from Sarisbury Infant School. Arctic rolls might be out of flavour but it’s clear from how well the resident’s recipes were enjoyed that there’s still a hunger for foods from the past today – so donut give up on them!"

'Recipes to Remember' can be downloaded from careuk.com/recipes-to-remember.

For more information about Ancasta Grove, please reach out to Customer Relations Manager, Chris Roby, at 023 9298 2479 or christopher.roby@careuk.com.