People have told of their disbelief after a Romsey road was temporarily closed after another lorry crashed into a railway bridge.

The driver of the large lorry apparently underestimated their vehicle's height and crashed into the Greatbridge Road railway bridge at around 4.15pm on Thursday.

The crash caused delays to motorists driving through the town as many had to take alternative routes. No injuries were reported, police said.

Similar accidents have been a common occurrence at the bridge.

In September 2023 a huge white lorry crashed into the bridge causing traffic to slow down near the junction with Duttons Road.

Many took to social media to react to the news on Thursday.

One Facebook user, Sarah Wilson said: “What is wrong with these people, surely they know how big the vehicle they are driving is.”

Melvin Roe added: “How many times will the authorities allow this to happen before they ban large vehicles using this route?”