THESE pictures show Southampton and surrounding areas in 1982.

Some places have changed dramatically over the past 42 years, while others have remained much the same.

From Fawley to Swaythling, these images will be sure to bring back memories.

East Street, Southampton

The Horse & Groom pub on East Street, an area that has changed numerous times in the years since.

This well-known seaman’s pub was a favourite among sailors from the early 1780s until its demolition in the early 1970s.

A popular attraction was a big stuffed brown bear in one of the bars.

Daily Echo: Horse and GroomHorse and Groom (Image: Echo)


Shops at the time included Goldsmiths newsagents, Colletts radio and TV engineers, Abbey Music Centre and Hunters drug store.

Daily Echo: TottonTotton (Image: Totton)

Daily Echo: TottonTotton (Image: Totton)

Daily Echo: TottonTotton (Image: Totton)Daily Echo: TottonTotton (Image: Totton)


Blighmont Barracks

The TA centre on Millbrook Road looks almost identical these days to how it did when this picture was taken. 

Daily Echo: Blighmont BarracksBlighmont Barracks (Image: Blighmont Barracks)

Housing estate being built off Cupernham Lane, Romsey

We believe this to be a picture of what is now Mercer Way, but if you think it may be one of the other roads in the area, then leave a comment below.

Daily Echo: RomseyRomsey (Image: Romsey)

Nursling industrial estate

Nursling was growing as an area of industry at the time.

Businesses on the estate when this picture was taken included Aalco, BAT, Debenhams, Share Drug Stores, Wilkinson Transport and more.

Daily Echo: NurslingNursling (Image: Nursling)

Asda being built in Totton

This area of Totton has looked completely ever since this picture was taken.

The supermarket is a prominent building and has been a major part of life for locals since its opening in 1983

Daily Echo: Asda, TottonAsda, Totton (Image: Asda, Totton)


In these pictures of 1982 Fawley, the Focoln Hotel, Lloyds bank and National Westminster Bank can be seen from two different angles.

Daily Echo: FawleyFawley (Image: Fawley)

Daily Echo: FawleyFawley (Image: Fawley)


The drinking fountain in Shirley was located on Romsey Road instead of its current home in Shirley precinct.

Handley is now Mary's Hair Salon, R&E Gilbert confectioners has become Teddy Baby Dog Groomers and Cozens fish and chip shop was recently Tasty takeaway.

Daily Echo: ShirleyShirley (Image: Echo)

Southampton Central train station

Not much has changed since these pictures were snapped of the city's train station.

The areas around it have changed considerably though.

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:


Swaythling's Market Buildings look as they do these days, although the majority of the shops have changed hands.

Shops back then included Swaythling Launderette, Video Film Library, R Selby barbers, Lendora Hair Stylist, Londis, Cameo Dress Agency, and Smart TV & Audio.


Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

Daily Echo:

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