A charity is bridging isolation gaps among senior citizens through their new project "Shop, Chop and Chat’".

Collaborating with Hyde, UKHarvest is endeavouring to boost residents' quality of life at Roxburgh House in Southampton.

UKHarvest's aim is to prevent food waste and food insecurity, collecting perishable food from supermarkets and hotels to farmers and catering companies and delivering it for free to charities and individuals.

With the World Health Organisation stating that one in four older people experience social isolation, initiatives like these are much needed.

"Shop, Chop, and Chat" is a series of events which is not only a cookery class - it provides a platform for residents to build relationships with neighbours and acquire new kitchen skills.

UKHarvest ensures these workshops are packed with food, fruitful discourse, and demonstration cooking. The residents not only receive inspiration but also take home wholesome meals, conquering the ever-escalating cost-of-living crisis and tackling food insecurity.

To ensure even those with disabilities benefit, a chopping service is available for harder vegetables.

What the concession offers is twofold: an avenue towards nutrition, and a pathway out of isolation.

UKHarvest is inviting a group of Lacy House residents to join their network of volunteers.

The initiative is headed by the NourishEd team, part of UKHarvest's education network.

Sian Georgiou, educational facilitator said: "This has been an incredible opportunity for UKHarvest. Our relationship with Hyde has been strengthened by the acknowledgment of the need to ensure that their residents have community, company and fun while living in Hyde’s properties.

"Social isolation is a growing problem in the UK, and creating programmes like Shop, Chop and Chat, we can encourage everyone to get involved, learn new cooking skills and make new friends."

For more information about how to support UKHarvest, visit ukharvest.org.uk