A pensioner was left with bleeding on three parts of the brain after he was knocked off his bike by a dog on Southampton Common.

Retired surgeon and keen cyclist, John Parker, who used to ride 12 miles everyday by completing laps around Southampton Common, had no recollection of events after the incident on February 21.

John was cycling on a dedicated cycle path when he came crashing to the ground.

It was only two days later, when he woke up in Southampton General Hospital, that he was told by a witness he had been knocked off by a dog.

He had suffered a brain hemorrhage and now has a nine-month recovery plan.

He said: “I had bleeding on three parts of the brain.

“I still have double vision and can struggle with cognitive brain function and I get very easily fatigued – it can be absolutely horrible.

“It was very lucky two people found me and called an ambulance.”

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Altogether, John was in hospital for just under five weeks and said Southampton General was a "brilliant hospital" to be treated at.

The retired surgeon continued: “It has really messed up my life. Not only do I have a nine-month recovery, but I also can no longer do some of the activities I love.

“I can’t drive, I can’t volunteer at local charities as I often do, I can’t go sailing or do my street pastoring due to the constant fatigue.

“At my age, I shall be lucky if I ever fully recover.

"I hope no one else has to go through this.”

Daily Echo: Southampton CommonSouthampton Common (Image: NQ)John is now calling for the city council to enforce that dogs should not be off a lead while in areas with cycle paths.

He has been told by Hampshire Police they are closing the investigation into tracing the owner of the dog.

A Southampton City Council spokesperson said: “We are very sorry to hear of Mr Parker’s accident; we wish him well in his recovery.

“While there is no requirement for dog owners to keep their pets on a lead in an open space and no plans to enforce this, they must ensure that they are in control of what their dog is doing.

“Dogs are not allowed inside fenced play areas and are excluded from land used by schools. These areas are clearly marked to let owners know.

“Some green spaces, such as cemeteries and allotments require dogs to be kept on leads. Where dogs are allowed to roam freely it is a requirement that dog walkers have full control over them and pick up any dog waste.”