Hampshire Police have confirmed it is using new long-range speed cameras that can catch drivers on speeding as far as one kilometre away.

These cameras have made it almost impossible for drivers to dispute a speeding fine as they can also capture images and videos.

The force has confirmed that its Roads Policing Unit is now using these cameras in a bid to make Hampshire's roads safer for drivers and pedestrians.

It’s not just speeding that these long-distance cameras are capable of, they can also see if drivers are using their mobile phones while at the wheel or not wearing seatbelts.

To the shock of many, the cameras can even detect middle lane-hoggers and those who are tailgating the driver in front.

Long-range speed cameras are also the longest-distance speed enforcer on UK roads.

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RAC road safety spokesperson, Pete Williams, said: “Although this new long-range camera could be used to enforce illegal mobile phone use or tailgating, it’s primary use will no doubt be to catch speeding drivers, if indeed it becomes more widely used by forces.”

After having a successful trial with Gloucester police in 2018, many police forces, including Hampshire Constabulary, are now using these speed cameras to catch offenders across their patch.

“Some drivers will inevitably end up being very surprised when a notice of intended prosecution letter arrives on their doormat when they felt they had managed to slow down enough after spotting a police car in the distance.”

Typically, the minimum penalty that drivers caught speeding is a £100 fine and three points on your licence.

For drivers who have not been caught speeding before and don't have points on their licence, you could be offered a speed awareness course instead of penalty points.