The Pilands Wood Community Centre's kitchen in Bursledon has been revamped as part of a Levelling Up project.

Previously offering only hot beverages, the updated kitchen will now serve the community as a hub for food adventures.

Benefiting trustees and volunteers as well as regular users, the kitchen will spearhead ideas and projects to aid local residents.

The Levelling Up initiative is driving food education and production throughout the borough, helping targeted communities grow and cook fresh produce.

This broadens their nutritional knowledge, reduces waste, and assists foodbanks, community fridges, and pantries.

The majority of the project's funding will be actioned throughout the next year.

Belinda Murray, chair of trustees at PWCA said: "Thank you for all you help with our kitchen refurbishment, it is going to make such a difference to the many families that use the centre. We are very excited to now be able to work towards other projects such as a ‘cook & eat’ projects and a very-much-wanted café."

The Council’s cabinet member for health, councillor Tonia Craig, said: "We are making this funding work hard, with lots of project underpinning improved health and wellbeing in the Borough this year. The refurbished kitchen will really make a difference to communities in south of the Borough."