After a weekend of hot temperatures and sunshine, Southampton is looking grey and dreary for the next week – but when will the hot weather return?

The forecast for Southampton this week looks a little bleak with plenty of cloud cover.

Despite this fact, temperatures are set to remain in the high teens this week with the Met Office forecasting temperatures of around 17 degrees – even with a lack of sunshine.

When will the sunshine return to Southampton?

To the joy of many, residents in Southampton may be flocking back to the waterfront to enjoy the sunshine sooner than they might expect.

Next weekend is likely to remain cloudy, even though Saturday is set to get up to around 18 degrees.

Sunny spells are expected at the weekend leading into a much sunnier week from Monday, May 20.

A spokesperson for the Met Office said: “Temperatures [will be] generally around or just a little above average, though with winds tending to be light, still feeling warm in sunnier areas.

“Over the weekend (18-19 May) there are signs that showers may start to ease from the north with drier, more settled conditions probably becoming established for a time.”

The cloudy skies are expected to clear and make way for more hot weather from Monday, May 20.