A social media influencer and hairstylist who has worked with cast members from reality TV series including Real Housewives has opened his own salon in Southampton.

Joseph Boylan, who has been working in the hair dressing industry for 15 years, has opened his first salon, JOSEPH, in his hometown of Southampton at 10 Carlton Place in The Polygon.

The venue is Joseph’s first salon after gaining popularity on social media for his hair styling videos and partnerships with TV personalities which has amassed him over 10,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok.

The social media hairstylist has worked with cast members on reality TV series like the Real Housewives franchise, and with ITV Studios, MTV and Channel 4, as well as his own personal celebrity clients.

Daily Echo: Joseph BoylanJoseph Boylan (Image: NQ)

Commenting on the opening, Joseph said: “This is such an exciting time, I love hairdressing for the people I’ve met over the years and for all those who are still with me from the very beginning.

“I see this salon as a flagship for my hair styling business, a gallery of artists who love making people look and feel beautiful.”

The new salon will see Joseph work with other hairdressers to provide high-end cut, colour and styling services for clients.

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Joseph is now also a brand ambassador for professional haircare brand Neäl & Wølf who specialise in pro colour and hair styling products.

The hairstylist added: “Working with Neäl & Wølf has felt like the perfect partnership for me. The brand’s values of products that are designed by hair professionals for luxurious achievable results is exactly what I work with my clients on.

“Their range of styling products and colours gives my clients so many finishes to choose from. I’ve always loved the glamour and power of females and knew I wanted to be a part of the making of that from the very beginning.

“I used to style all my friend’s hair on nights out – all these years later to my very own salon and brand partnerships.

“I see my salon as a flagship, the roots of JOSEPH in my hometown, something that will only get bigger and better.

“Nothing is better to me than making a woman feel and look beautiful and empowered inside and out.”