Motorists have reacted with fury after more roadworks were greenlit by the county council which have caused gridlock on a busy route out of Southampton.

With Charles Watts Way partially out of action for months due to a landslide, Kanes Hill is the main way of getting onto the M27 from the Kanes Hill Roundabout.

But since at least Monday night, temporary traffic lights have been put up while broadband installer Openreach carries out improvements - causing gridlock in rush hour and misery to many drivers.

MP Paul Holmes said he was 'concerned' by a lack of 'foresight' by Hampshire County Council, which granted the permit - as one driver told the Echo it took them 15 minutes to travel just 0.7 miles from the Hedge End Interchange to the roundabout.

Criticising Hampshire County Council, pensioner Roger Wilson said: “Considering the works happening at Charles Watts Way at the time, what are they doing? I don’t think this has been planned well.

“All of the chaos it has caused to the drivers - it’s just ridiculous."

The 77-year-old from Hedge End added: “It doesn’t make sense why they would get the works to be carried out now with all of the other roadworks happening in the area.

“Where’s the plan? Where’s the coordination in all of this.”

While the Openreach works are set to end on Thursday, the SGN gas network is also carrying out emergency gas works on Kanes Hill which are set to run until Monday, May 20.

It is the latest in a string of roadworks causing delays to drivers in the area. The M27 is currently being resurfaced near Hedge End, and Charles Watts Way has been partially closed since November 27.

The county council said these works were due to be completed by mid-February - but then extended the deadline until early June.

Motorists questioned why the council could not have delayed granting these permits for roadworks on Kanes Hill until Charles Watts Way had reopened.

Drivers reacted with dismay on social media.

Jakub Warchol said: “In a minute the best way to get Hedge End will be way through Winchester.”

Another said: “As someone who has to travel from Thornhill to Hedge End for work, kids’ school and evening activities this is just great. At this rate, I'll be spending more time in my car than in my house!”

An Openreach spokesperson said: "Our engineers are building a new Full Fibre network in the area, providing ultrafast, ultra-reliable broadband.

“Hampshire County Council granted a permit for the works, which is due to expire on the 16th. We're sorry for the disruption this is causing."

MP for Eastleigh, Paul Holmes, said: "These works have been brought to my attention, I was unaware that they were scheduled and have made contact with both Openreach and Hampshire County council to ascertain if these works were considered urgent, or if they could have been deferred until Charles Watts Way has been reopened.

"I am also concerned that there has been no foresight in other works being considered in this being arranged."

Hampshire County Council has been approached for comment.